North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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312140 - DistilleriesUS

All examples - 312140 - DistilleriesUS

  • alcoholic beverages (except brandy), distilling
  • alcoholic liquor (e.g., rum, vodka, whisky), manufacturing
  • blending distilled beverages (except brandy)
  • cordials, alcoholic, manufacturing
  • distilling potable liquor (except brandy)
  • eggnog, alcoholic, manufacturing
  • ethyl alcohol, potable, manufacturing
  • grain alcohol, beverage purposes, manufacturing
  • liqueurs, manufacturing
  • liquor-based coolers, manufacturing
  • liquors, distilling and blending (except brandy)
  • mixed drinks, alcoholic, manufacturing
  • neutral spirits, beverage (except fruit), manufacturing
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