North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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311515 - Butter, cheese, and dry and condensed dairy product manufacturingCAN

All examples - 311515 - Butter, cheese, and dry and condensed dairy product manufacturingCAN

  • anhydrous butterfat manufacturing
  • animal feed, dry milk products for, manufacturing
  • baby formula, fresh, processed and bottled, manufacturing
  • butter, creamery and whey, manufacturing
  • butter, manufacturing
  • casein, dry and wet, manufacturing
  • cheese (except cottage cheese), manufacturing
  • cheese spreads, manufacturing
  • cheese, imitation, substitute or analog, manufacturing
  • cheese, natural (except cottage cheese), manufacturing
  • condensed, evaporated or powdered whey, manufacturing
  • cream, dried and powdered, manufacturing
  • curds, cheese, manufacturing
  • dehydrated milk, manufacturing
  • dietary drinks, dairy and non-dairy base, manufacturing
  • dips, cheese-based, manufacturing
  • dry milk products for animal feed, manufacturing
  • eggnog, canned, non-alcoholic, manufacturing
  • feed grade dry milk products, manufacturing
  • ice milk mix, manufacturing
  • infants' formulas, manufacturing
  • lactose, manufacturing
  • malted milk, manufacturing
  • milk, concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated or powdered, manufacturing
  • milk, UHT (ultra-high temperature), manufacturing
  • milk-based drinks, dietary, manufacturing
  • milkshake mixes, manufacturing
  • non-dairy creamers, dry, manufacturing
  • non-dairy drinks (i.e., soy and almond), manufacturing
  • nonfat dry milk, manufacturing
  • processed cheese, manufacturing
  • soy beverages manufacturing
  • substitute butter, cheese, and dry and condensed dairy products manufacturing
  • whey, condensed, dried, evaporated and powdered, manufacturing
  • whey, raw, liquid, manufacturing
  • whipped topping, dry mix, manufacturing
  • yogurt mix, manufacturing
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