North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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212315 - Limestone mining and quarryingCAN

All examples - 212315 - Limestone mining and quarryingCAN

  • agricultural limestone, ground (except fertilizer)
  • bituminous limestone quarrying
  • building stone, limestone, rough, mining
  • calcareous tufa, crushed and broken, quarrying
  • calcareous tufa, dimension, quarrying
  • calcium limestone, crude, mining
  • cement rock, quarrying
  • chalk mine or quarry
  • chalk, ground or otherwise treated, mining
  • chemical and metallurgical stone, limestone, crude, mining
  • dolomite (limestone), crude, quarrying
  • dolomite, crushed and broken stone, quarrying
  • flux stone, limestone, crude, mining
  • grinding or pulverizing of limestone
  • lime rock, ground, mining
  • limestone crushing, on contract
  • limestone cutting (quarrying)
  • magnesium limestone, crude, mining
  • marl bed or pit
  • quarry, dolomite
  • sedimentary rock quarry
  • stone quarrying, limestone
  • travertine, quarrying
  • whiting mining, crushed and broken stone, quarrying
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