North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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112510 - AquacultureCAN

All examples - 112510 - AquacultureCAN

  • algae and seaweed farming
  • algae and seaweed farming, freshwater
  • alligator production, farm raising
  • aquaculture, animal, salt water
  • aquaponics
  • catfish production in freshwater, farm raising
  • finfish hatcheries
  • fingerlings, raising in freshwater or salt water
  • fish breeding and propagating service, freshwater
  • fish breeding and propagating service, salt water
  • fish hatchery service (freshwater)
  • fish hatchery service (salt water)
  • frog, farm raising
  • goldfish production in freshwater, farm raising
  • management services for freshwater aquaculture industry
  • management services for salt water aquaculture industry
  • minnow and trout farms, freshwater
  • ornamental (non-food) aquaculture plants, greenhouse grown
  • oyster breeding and propagation service
  • raising both aquatic animals and plants in integrated growing operations, aquaponics both in natural waters and in artificial aquatic impoundments
  • saltwater shellfish farming, including the production of cultured pearl
  • shellfish farming
  • tropical aquarium fish farms, freshwater
  • turtle and other freshwater animal aquaculture
  • turtle and other salt water animal aquaculture
  • using some form of intervention in the aquaculture rearing or growing process to enhance production
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