Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey - Wholesale Supplementary - W8

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Report for the month of


This survey provides information on the performance of the wholesale trade sector and when combined with other statistics, represents an important indicator of the Canadian economy.

Additional information

The business community uses the data to analyze market performance and developments. The statistical summaries are published in Catalogue 63-008-XIB, available at


Completion of this questionnaire is a requirement under the Statistics
Act. Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from publishing any statistics
which would divulge information relating to any identifiable business
without the previous written consent of the business. The data reported
on this questionnaire will be treated in strict confidence, used
exclusively for statistical purposes and published in aggregate form

Data-sharing agreements

To avoid duplicating surveys and to ensure uniform statistics, Statistics
Canada has concluded data sharing agreements with provincial and
territorial statistical agencies. An agreement exists under Section 11 of
the Statistics Act to exchange information with the Quebec Statistical
Institute and the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics. Agreements also exist
under Section 12 of the Statistical Act with the Northwest Territories
Bureau of Statistics and the Nunavut Bureau of Statistics. Under Section
12, you may refuse to share your information with any of the agencies
listed by notifying the Chief Statistician in writing. All agreements require
that the information you provide be kept strictly confidential.

Security of emails and faxes

Statistics Canada advises you that there could be a risk of disclosure
during the facsimile or other electronic transmission. However, upon
receipt of your information, Statistics Canada will provide the level of
protection afforded all information collected under the authority of the
Statistics Act.


If you require assistance to complete the survey or have any questions,
please contact the appropriate Statistics Canada Regional Office.
If your region of residence is Québec or Nunavut, contact Montréal office at 283-5724, or Toll Free at 1-800-363-6720. Fax number 1-888-611-7211.
If your region of residence is Atlantic Provinces and Ontario, contact Toronto office at 954-9069 or Toll Free at 1-800-263-3072. Fax number 1-800-363-1672.
If your region of residence is Western Provinces, NWT and Yukon, contact Edmonton office at 495-4627 or Toll Free 1-800-661-9884. Fax number 1-888-237-5281.

Thank you

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Please retain a copy for your records.

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