Monthly Retail Trade Survey (Department Store Organizations) - R10

For Information onlyThis is an electronic survey example for information purposes only. This is not a working questionnaire.

A - Introduction


This monthly survey collects retail sales for all department stores classified under the 2022 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 455110 (including concessions such as travel center or restaurant sales). The data collected from this survey is integrated with the data collected from the Monthly Retail Trade Survey (record number 2406) and is released at the same time as the latter.


Completion of this questionnaire is a requirement under the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from publishing any statistics which would divulge information relating to any identifiable business without the previous written consent of the business. The data reported on this questionnaire will be treated in strict confidence, used exclusively for statistical purposes and published in aggregate form only.

Data-sharing agreements

To avoid duplication of enquiry and to provide consistent statistics, an agreement exists under Section 11 of the Statistics Act, to exchange information collected by this survey with the statistical agencies of Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

Agreements also exist under Section 12 of the Statistics Act, with the Northwest
Territories Bureau of Statistics and the Nunavut Bureau of Statistics for the sharing of information from this survey. Under Section 12, you may refuse to share your information with any of the agencies listed by notifying the Chief Statistician in writing and returning your letter of objection along with the completed questionnaire in the enclosed return envelope.

Security of emails and faxes

Statistics Canada advises you that there could be a risk of disclosure during the facsimile or other electronic transmission. However, upon receipt of your information, Statistics Canada will provide the level of protection afforded all information collected under the authority of the Statistics Act.


If you require assistance in the completion of the questionnaire or have any questions regarding the survey, please address all inquiries to:

Retail Commodity Section,
Distributive Trades Division, Statistics Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6 Telephone: (613) 951-6712


Sales and Receipts (Canadian dollars):

Report total sales of new and used merchandise and receipts from repairs, equipment rental, food serving and other services, less returns, adjustments and discounts. Do not deduct trade-in allowances. Include commissions earned from sales of goods owned by others and proprietors' withdrawals of goods for personal use (at retail). Exclude non-operating revenues, bad debts recovered, commissions paid to selling agents, provincial sales taxes and the G.S.T.

Number of Retail Locations:

Report the maximum number of retail locations where business activity was conducted during the reporting period. Include all locations engaged in the retail sale of merchandise (e.g., stores, head offices, warehouses, etc.).

If exact figures are not available, estimates are acceptable.

CMA - Census Metropolitan Area:

A Metropolitan Area is comprised of the continuous built-up area of an urban centre and its surrounding municipalities. It is usually known by the name of its largest city.


A concession is a separately-owned business operated as a department within your
premises, usually under licence or contractual agreement.


Report the selling value of goods held for resale at the end of the month or at the end of your fiscal period nearest the end of the calendar month. Include inventory in transit or on consignment to others in Canada but exclude goods consigned to you by others. Include both store and warehouse inventories. Do not include store and office supplies or other supplies not for resale.

B - Inventories

Total, Inventories =

C - Sales, Location and Concessions

Report the total sales and receipts for department stores by geographical area.

  • 10: Newfoundland
  • 11: Prince Edward Island
  • 12: Nova Scotia
  • 13: New Brunswick
  • 20: Quebec
  • 30: Ontario
  • 40: Manitoba
  • 47: Saskatchewan
  • 48: Alberta
  • 50: British Columbia
  • 60: Yukon Territory
  • 61: Northwest Territories
  • 62: Nunavut
  • 41: Calgary
  • 42: Edmonton
  • 14: Halifax
  • 34: Hamilton
  • 23: Montreal
  • 36: Ottawa - Gatineau
  • 25: Quebec City
  • 33: Toronto
  • 53: Vancouver
  • 43: Winnipeg

D - Retail Locations

Indicate if this business opened and/or closed any retail locations during the reporting period.

List below the addresses and dates of retail locations opened and/or closed during the reporting period. Attach a sheet if more space is required.

E - Respondent's Comments

Comment below on any significant changes in your sales during the reporting period (e.g., temporarily closed, out-of-business, etc.)

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