Local Government Debenture and Other Long Term Debt - New Issues

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General Information

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Please provide the following contact information:

  • (a): Mr./Mrs./Miss
  • (b): First name, last name
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The objective of this program is the publication of financial statistics concerning the federal government, the provincial, territorial, and local governments, government business enterprises, health and educational institutions and the Canada and Quebec pension plans.


This information is collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter S19.



Confidential when completed.

Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects which could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada will use the information from this survey for statistical purposes.

Data-sharing agreements

To reduce respondent burden, Statistics Canada has entered into data sharing agreements with provincial and territorial statistical agencies and other government organizations, which have agreed to keep the data confidential and use them only for statistical purposes. Statistics Canada will only share data from this survey with those organizations that have demonstrated a requirement to use the data.

Section 11 of the Statistics Act provides for the sharing of information with provincial and territorial statistical agencies that meet certain conditions. These agencies must have the legislative authority to collect the same information, on a mandatory basis, and the legislation must provide substantially the same provisions for confidentiality and penalties for disclosure of confidential information as the Statistics Act. Because these agencies have the legal authority to compel businesses to provide the same information, consent is not requested and businesses may not object to the sharing of the data.

For this survey, there are Section 11 agreements with the provincial and territorial statistical agencies of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.

The shared data will be limited to information pertaining to public sector entities located within the jurisdiction of the respective province or territory.

Section 12 of the Statistics Act provides for the sharing of information with federal, provincial or territorial government organizations. Under Section 12, you may refuse to share your information with any of these organizations by writing a letter of objection to the Chief Statistician and returning it with the completed questionnaire. Please specify the organizations with which you do not want to share your data.

For this survey, there are Section 12 agreements with the statistical agencies of Prince Edward Island, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

For agreements with provincial and territorial government organizations, the shared data will be limited to information pertaining to public sector entities located within the jurisdiction of the respective province or territory.

Record linkage

To enhance the data from this survey, Statistics Canada may combine it with information from other surveys or from administrative sources.

Security of emails and faxes

Statistics Canada advises you that there could be a risk of disclosure during the transmission of information by facsimile or e-mail. However, upon receipt, Statistics Canada will provide the guaranteed level of protection afforded all information collected under the authority of the Statistics Act.

Return procedures


Please return the completed questionnaire by the 15th of the month following the receipt of this survey to:

Statistics Canada
Production and Dissemination Section
Public Sector Statistics Division
Jean Talon Building, 9th Floor
170 Tunney's Pasture Driveway
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6


If any questions should arise regarding the completion of this form, please do not hesitate to call the Public Sector Statistics Division at 613-862-5583, Fax 613-951-0661 or E-mail diana-lynn.walters@canada.ca.

Further Information: http://www.statcan.gc.ca

Thank you

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Please refer to the following codes when completing the questionnaire

PURPOSE CODES - A. Engineering Structures

  • 001: Local improvements
  • 010: Docks, wharves, piers, breakwaters
  • 020: Retaining walls, embankments, flood control
  • 060: Roads, streets, parking lots; hard surfaced or paved
  • 061: Rapid transit
  • 062: Parking authority
  • 070: Gravel, dirt, clay etc.
  • 080: Sidewalks, paths
  • 090: Signs, guardrails, snowfences, signal lights etc.
  • 100: Bridges, trestles, overpasses etc.
  • 110: Tunnels, subways
  • 120: Aerodromes, landing grounds, runways, tarmac and aids to navigation
  • 130: Dykes
  • 140: Tile drains, drainage ditches, storm sewers
  • 141: Tile drainage
  • 142: Shoreline assistance
  • 150: Irrigation and land reclaiming projects
  • 160: Water, storage tanks
  • 170: Water pumping stations and filtration plants
  • 180: Water mains, hydrants and services
  • 190: Dams and reservoirs
  • 200: Sanitary sewers
  • 210: Sewage treatment and garbage disposal
  • 215: Pollution control
  • 220: Incinerators
  • 230: Land fill works
  • 240: Electric power generating plants including water conveying and controlling structures (hydro dams etc.)
  • 250: Transformers and switching stations
  • 260: Power transmission and distribution lines (overhead and underground)
  • 263: Steam heating
  • 270: Street lighting
  • 271: Underground wiring
  • 280: Telephone and telegraph lines, underground and marine cables
  • 290: Park systems, landscaping, sodding etc.
  • 300: Swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses
  • 325: Transit systems
  • 330: Gas systems
  • 340: Other engineering structures including research and development works (specify major items)

PURPOSE CODES - B. Buildings

  • 350: Office buildings
  • 360: Workshops
  • 370: Warehouses, storehouses, refrigerated storage, silos, bulk storage, vaults, etc.
  • 380: Garages
  • 400: Broadcasting, booster and relay stations, telephone exchanges
  • 410: Aeroplane hangers
  • 420: Schools and other educational buildings
  • 421: Day care centres
  • 425: Colleges
  • 431: Hospitals
  • 432: Clinics, first-aid stations
  • 441: Courthouses, goals etc.
  • 442: Police stations
  • 443: Fire stations
  • 444: Libraries
  • 445: Homes for the aged
  • 446: Zoo
  • 447: Museums
  • 450: Residential housing
  • 470: Stores, retail and wholesale
  • 471: Market square
  • 480: Theatres, arenas, amusement and recreational buildings
  • 481: Exhibitions
  • 490: Other buildings

PURPOSE CODES - C. Land Assembly

  • 901: Land banks
  • 902: Urban renewal
  • 903: Industrial parks
  • 904: Other

PURPOSE CODES - D. Machinery and Equipment

  • 521: Protective services
  • 522: Transportation services
  • 523: Water supply
  • 524: Garbage disposal
  • 790: Computers
  • 800: Other machinery and equipment not specified above


  • 1: Federal government
  • 2: Federal government agency (specify)
  • 3: Provincial government
  • 4: Provincial government agency (specify)
  • 5: Other local government (specify)
  • 6: Central borrowing authority other than provincial agency
  • 7: Chartered bank
  • 8: Insurance company
  • 9: Investment dealer
  • 10: Other financial institutions in Canada
  • 11: Canadian public: over the counter
  • 12: Canadian public: private placement
  • 13: Outside Canada: publicly
  • 14: Outside Canada: privately

New Issues


1. Attach copies of repayment schedules.

2. Report the transaction in the month during which the date of delivery falls.

3. Respondents will also include municipal corporations (whether unitary, regional or metropolitan), school boards, and other special boards, or commissions created to provide local government services. All such local government authorities are required to complete a return for each debenture issue or other form of long term borrowing.

4. Should intergovernmental transactions occur as the result of a borrowing on behalf of another local government, it is essential that the other government be identified.

New Issues - Question identifier:1.

Please provide the following information for each new issue related to your municipality's debenture and other long term debt:

  • a): By-law number or debenture number
  • b): Name of borrower (municipality name)
  • c): Amount of issue
  • d): Term in years
  • e): Issue date (Day, Month, Year)
  • f): Delivery date (Day, Month, Year)
  • g): Maturity date (Day, Month, Year)
  • h): Indicate if the issue is marketable or non-marketable
  • i): Currency (Can $, US $, etc)
  • j): Indicate if the issue is sold outside Canada
  • k): Interest rate(s)
  • l): Amount at each interest rate
  • m): Indicate if the interest is annual or semi-annual
  • n): Lender (please refer to the above list of lender codes)
  • o): Purpose of debenture (please refer to the above list of purpose codes)
  • p): Amount for each purpose
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