Consulting Services Price Report

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Getting Started

Why do we conduct this survey?

The data collected by this survey will be used to produce indexes showing changes over time in the prices of various consulting services. These data will allow Statistics Canada to produce estimates of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the consulting industry as well as estimates of productivity change. Your information may also be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes.

Your participation in this survey is required under the authority of the Statistics Act.


The purpose of this survey is to measure the price change of management, environmental, and scientific and technical consulting services on a quarterly basis.

Note to Readers:
Following the release of data for the fourth reference quarter of 2022, the Consulting Services Price Indexes (COSPI) has been suspended. A review of the program methodology is underway to ensure the indexes are relevant to our users.

The survey has been temporarily suspended during a redesign and data won't be released until its completion. For more information, please contact us at:


Collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter S-19


Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects which could identify any person, business or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada will use the information from this survey for statistical purposes.

Record linkage

To enhance the data from this survey and to minimize the reporting burden, Statistics Canada may combine it with information from other surveys or from administrative sources.

Reporting instructions

- When precise figures are not available, please provide your best estimate.
- Please report all dollar amounts in Canadian dollars (CAN$).
- Exclude any GST/HST and all other taxes collected for remittance to a government agency.

Business and contact information

Please verify the business or organization name and correct where needed.

  • 1: Legal name
  • 2: Operating name

Please verify the business or organization contact person and address for this questionnaire and correct where needed.
The contact person is the person who should receive this questionnaire. The contact person may not always be the one who actually completes the questionnaire.

  • : First Name
  • : Last Name
  • : Title
  • : Email Address
  • : Address (number and street)
  • : City
  • : Province, Territory or State
  • : Postal Code or ZIP Code
  • : Country
  • : Telephone Number (including area code)
  • : Extension Number (if applicable)
  • : Fax Number (including area code)
  • : Preferred Language of Communication

Is this business or organization currently in operation?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No (please explain - i.e, seasonal operations, ceased all operations, sold all operations, amalgamated with another business(es) or organization(s), temporarily inactive but will re-open, no longer operating due to other reason(s))

Business or organization status

1. Is this business or organization currently in operation?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No, seasonal operations
  • 3: No, ceased all operations
  • 4: No, sold all operations
  • 5: No, amalgamated with (an) other business(es) or organization(s)
  • 6: No, temporarily inactive but will re-open
  • 7: No, no longer operating due to other reason(s)

Business activity

1. Did this business provide management consulting services between Month day, year and Month day, year?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No

Consulting level(s)

2. Report the consulting levels that charged time to this business's management consulting services between Month day, year and Month day, year.

Professional Level 1

3. Report the hours charged and the average (hourly) rate for the Professional Level 1 consulting level for the time periods indicated below.

  • a.: Quarter1 Year1 DateLabel1
  • b.: Quarter2 Year2 DateLabel2
  • c.: Quarter3 Year3 DateLabel3
  • d.: Quarter4 Year4 DateLabel4
  • e.: Quarter5 Year5 DateLabel5
  • f.: Quarter6 Year6 DateLabel6

Contact person

4. Statistics Canada may need to contact the person who completed this questionnaire for further information. Is FirstName LastName the best person to contact?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No


5. How long did it take to complete this questionnaire?

  • : Hours
  • : Minutes

6. We invite your comments about this questionnaire.

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