Canadian Community Health Survey(CCHS) - Annual component - New COV module - 2020

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COV is offered as a theme module for the second half of the 2020 collection year and data is collected from all provinces.

This module collects information about experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Respondents are asked about their mental health during the pandemic compared to their mental health before the pandemic. Respondents are also asked about the precautions they have been taking to protect themselves or others from COVID-19; if they have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic; if they have ever been tested using a nasal or throat swab, and whether the test result was positive.

Finally, respondents are asked about the likelihood of choosing to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_R005

The next questions are about your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q005

Compared to before the pandemic started, how would you say your mental health is now? Would you say...?

  • 1: Much better now
  • 2: Somewhat better now
  • 3: About the same
  • 4: Somewhat worse now
  • 5: Much worse now
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q010

Which of the following precautions are you taking to protect yourself or others against COVID-19? Do you...?

  • 01: Wash hands more frequently
  • 02: Wear a mask in public places where physical distancing is difficult
  • 03: Keep a 2 meter or 6 foot distance from others
  • 04: Avoid crowds and large gatherings
  • 05: Avoid leaving the house for non-essential reasons
  • 06: Work from home
  • 07: Use delivery or curb side pick-up services (e.g., groceries, prescriptions)
  • 08: Self-isolate if you have symptoms
  • 09: Other precaution
  • 10: No precaution taken
  • 98: RF
  • 99: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q015

Since the beginning of the pandemic, have you experienced any of the symptoms that led you to believe that you had COVID-19, such as fever, cough, chills, difficulty breathing or tiredness?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q020

While you were experiencing these symptoms, did you follow public health recommendations, such as self-isolating and wearing a mask if you had to go out in public?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q025

Have you ever been tested for COVID-19, using a deep nasal or throat swab?

  • 1: Yes
  • 2: No
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q030

Was the result of one of your tests positive?

  • 1: Yes (Diagnosed with COVID-19)
  • 2: No (Not diagnosed with COVID-19)
  • 3: Waiting for the results
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q035

In what month was your most recent [positive] test done?

  • 01: January
  • 02: February
  • 03: March
  • 04: April
  • 05: May
  • 06: June
  • 07: July
  • 08: August
  • 09: September
  • 10: October
  • 11: November
  • 12: December
  • 98: RF
  • 99: DK

COVID-19 (COV) - Question identifier:COV_Q040

How likely is it that you would get a COVID-19 vaccine? Would you say...?

  • 1: Very likely
  • 2: Somewhat likely
  • 3: Somewhat unlikely
  • 4: Very unlikely
  • 8: RF
  • 9: DK
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