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The purpose of the prices series is to collect accurate, up-to-date information on farm product prices received by farmers for agricultural commodities produced and sold.

Additional information

The purpose of this survey is to collect accurate, up-to-date information on farm prices for hay and straw. These data are used to calculate farm cash receipts which measure agriculture contribution to the Canadian economy. These data are also used by producer organizations, government departments and others for policy and decision-making.


Note to interviewer: If any information above is incorrect or missing, please make the necessary corrections below.


Confidential when completed. Collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter S19.

Data-sharing agreements


To avoid duplication of enquiry, Statistics Canada has entered into a data-sharing agreement with your provincial statistical agency under Section 11 of the Statistics Act. Your provincial agency has legislation similar to the Statistics Act to protect your data. Your data must be kept confidential and be used only for statistical purposes.

NOTE TO INTERVIEWERS: Because this statistical agency has the legal authority to compel businesses to provide the same information, consent is not requested and farm operations may not object to the sharing of their data.

An agreement has also been signed under Section 12 of the Statistics Act with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Record linkage

To enhance the data from this survey, Statistics Canada may combine it with information from other surveys or from administrative sources.

Please review the information on the label.

If any information above is incorrect or missing, please make the necessary corrections below.

  • 1: Farm Name (if applicable)
  • 2: Surname or Family Name
  • 3: Usual First Name and Initial
  • 4: Area Code
  • 5: Telephone
  • 6: R.R.
  • 7: Box No.
  • 8: Number and Street Name
  • 9: Postal Code
  • 10: Post Office (name of city, town or village where mail is received)
  • 11: Partner's Name (if applicable)
  • 12: Given and Family Name
  • 13: Telephone
  • 14: Partner's Name (if applicable)
  • 15: Given and Family Name
  • 16: Telephone
  • 17: Corporation Name (if different from the farm name)
  • 18: Headquarters


  • 1: Call No.
  • 2: Date
  • 3: Day
  • 4: Month
  • 5: Time of Call
  • 6: Interview Time
  • 7: Began
  • 8: Ended
  • 9: Time Elapsed (min.)
  • 10: Comments
  • 11: Total Elapsed Time (min.)

What is the average price for hay and straw, you, or farmers in your neighbourhood, received on or near the 15th of this month?

Please report an average price which takes into account all grades. Report the transaction price received when ownership first changes hands.

  • 1: Tame hay, all varieties, baled
  • 2: Straw, baled

Unit of measure:

  • 1: Price per ball ($)
  • 2: Weight per bale (pounds or kilograms)
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