Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction (SBFJ)

Detailed information for May to August 2021





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Statistics Canada is conducting the Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction on behalf of Employment and Social Development Canada.

The purpose is to confirm whether your business is under federal jurisdiction. If so, we may ask you to submit a list of your employees along with some of their contact information. Your collaboration is critical to ensure an accurate representation of employees in your industry and business size.

Data release - Data will not be released. It is to build the frame for the employee survey.


The information from this survey will allow us to select a sample of participants for an upcoming employee survey in the winter of 2021/2022. Participation in that survey will be voluntary and will guide research and analysis to update the Canada Labour Code.

Reference period: May to August


  • Business performance and ownership

Data sources and methodology

Target population

The population is defined as active establishments with at least one employee under a predefined list of NAICS covering the following industry groups:
1-Air Transportation
2-Rail Transportation
3-Road Transportation
4-Maritime Transportation
5-Postal Services and Pipeline
7-Feed, Flour, Seed and Grain

The ultimate goal is to cover only establishments under Federal Jurisdiction so a fair number of units falling outside of the scope are part of that frame but can't be pre-identified.

Instrument design

The content for the Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction electronic questionnaire was drafted in consultation with Statistics Canada as well as Employment and Social Development Canada.

The questionnaire underwent cognitive testing in the form of in-depth interviews in both of Canada's official languages, conducted by Statistics Canada's Questionnaire Design Resource Centre. The goal of the qualitative study was to test the survey content.


A stratified random sample of business establishments classified to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 is selected. This survey is closely tied to a distinct employee-level survey. In fact, the survey serves as the first stage of a two stage process.

Sample unit
The sampling unit is the establishment.

Stratification method
The frame is stratified by the eight industry groups and by three size groups at the company level (1-19 emp; 20-99 emp; 100 emp or more). Within those strata, a census is conducted for about half of them. The other strata can be further stratified to include large units and crown corporations with certainty and/or to separate units found on incomplete external lists from those not found on any lists.

Sampling and sub-sampling
The allocation is based on statistics about the response rate and the in scope rate from a similar survey conducted in 2015. A census is conducted for some strata and whenever a sample is required for a given strata, it is selected by a random systematic process according to employment. The sample size sent to collection is slightly greater than 15,000 units.

Data sources

Data collection for this reference period: 2021-05-14 to 2021-08-13

Responding to this survey is mandatory.

Data are collected directly from survey respondents.

Data are collected directly from survey respondents either through an electronic questionnaire (EQ) or through CATI (computer assisted telephone interviews).

View the Questionnaire(s) and reporting guide(s) .

Error detection

To be provided at a later date


To be provided at a later date


To be provided at a later date

Quality evaluation

To be provided at a later date

Disclosure control

This methodology does not apply.

Revisions and seasonal adjustment

This methodology type does not apply to this statistical program.

Data accuracy

To be provided at a later date

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