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This survey collects data on the number and value of wildlife pelts produced in Canada through provincial administrative sources.

Data release - October 11, 2011


This census survey collects data on the number and value of wildlife pelts produced in Canada through provincial administrative sources. The data are used by provincial governments, industry fur analysts, and by producer groups to determine the source of wildlife fur production, incomes going to trappers, as well as trends in values of pelts.

Reference period: July 1

Collection period: November to April


  • Agriculture and food (formerly Agriculture)
  • Livestock and aquaculture

Data sources and methodology

Target population

The target population is all fur trappers in Canada including its territories.

Instrument design

A basic questionnaire is sent to the provinces and territories requesting the number of pelts sold, the price and the total value by species of animal trapped.


This survey is a census with a cross-sectional design.

Data are collected for all units of the target population, therefore, no sampling is done.

Data sources

Responding to this survey is voluntary.

Data are collected directly from survey respondents and extracted from administrative files.

The questionnaires are mailed out to each provincial and territorial government in November. The governmental authorities report on the number of pelts caught in the fur year (July 1 to June 30) for each species and the corresponding values. Data originate from royalty payments, export taxes and other administrative sources. Telephone follow-up is conducted to ensure complete response.

View the Questionnaire(s) and reporting guide(s) .

Error detection

Provincial totals are scrutinized to ensure that they are consistent with previous periods and industry trends.


Missing data represent provincial totals and are not imputed.

In the event that a province or territory cannot provide the data by the release date, no data for that particular region are included in the release.


This methodology type does not apply to this statistical program.

Quality evaluation

Quality is viewed as excellent as the data are closely scrutinized by each individual province and corrected before being provided to Statistics Canada where the data are validated by comparing it to previous periods and other provinces.

Disclosure control

Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects which could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act. Various confidentiality rules are applied to all data that are released or published to prevent the publication or disclosure of any information deemed confidential. If necessary, data are suppressed to prevent direct or residual disclosure of identifiable data.

Revisions and seasonal adjustment

This methodology does not apply to this survey.

Data accuracy

The data accuracy of this census survey is high as the response rate is normally 100%, although occasionally reports are provided late.

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