Canadian Investment in Non-Canadian Corporations (BP-60)

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This statistical program is amalgamated in record number 1537.

Data are used to prepare statements on Canada's Balance of International Payments and Investment Position. Balance of Payments statistics are used as a major input in the conduct of monetary and exchange rate policies by the Government of Canada. Other uses include international trade negotiations, business planning, marketing and international research.

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The data reported in the Balance of Payments and Financial Flows surveys are used to produce statistics on Canada's balance of international payments and investment position. These are key economic measures used by departments of the Government of Canada in establishing policies (e.g. interest rates, exchange rates), provincial governments, industry associations, financial institutions and international agencies. Other users include investment dealers, foreign embassies, business planners, market researchers and the academic community.

Reference period: Calendar Year; Fiscal Year

Collection period: February to December


  • Balance of international payments
  • Economic accounts

Data sources and methodology


This survey is a census.

This methodology does not apply.

Error detection

Each quarter of current year is subject to revision. Historical revision for previous four years is carried out in the first quarter of the current year.

Disclosure control

Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects that could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act. Various confidentiality rules are applied to all data that are released or published to prevent the publication or disclosure of any information deemed confidential. If necessary, data are suppressed to prevent direct or residual disclosure of identifiable data.

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