Annual Survey of Service Industries: Translation and Interpretation Services

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This survey collects the financial and operating data needed to develop national and regional economic policies and programs.

Data release - 2001 data were never released


The survey objective is the collection and publication of data necessary for the statistical analysis of the translation and interpretation services industry.

The information from the survey can be used by businesses for market analysis, by trade associations to study performance and other characteristics of their industry, by government to develop national and regional economic policies, and by other users involved in research or policy making.

Statistical activity

The survey is administered as part of the Unified Enterprise Survey program (UES). The UES program has been designed to integrate, gradually over time, the approximately 200 separate business surveys into a single master survey program. The UES aims at collecting more industry and product detail at the provincial level than was previously possible while avoiding overlap between different survey questionnaires. The redesigned business survey questionnaires have a consistent look, structure and content. The unified approach makes reporting easier for firms operating in different industries because they can provide similar information for each branch operation. This way they avoid having to respond to questionnaires that differ for each industry in terms of format, wording and even concepts.

This survey is part of the Service Industries Program. The survey data gathered are used to compile aggregate statistics for over thirty service industry groupings. Financial data, including revenue, expense and profit statistics are available for all of the surveys in the program. In addition, many compile and disseminate industry-specific information.

Reference period: Calendar year


  • Business, consumer and property services
  • Business performance and ownership
  • Financial statements and performance
  • Professional, scientific and technical services

Data sources and methodology

Target population

The target population for this survey is all establishments classified to NAICS 54193 on Statistics Canada's Business Register and operating for at least one day during the reference year and those self-employed unincorporated individuals who are not on Statistic Canada's Business Register. This industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in translating written material and interpreting speech from one language to another, and includes establishments engaged in offering sign language services.


This is a sample survey.

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