Fruits and Vegetables Survey

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1996

Reference period of change - 2018

Target population - The collection method changed to an electronic questionnaire -EQ-IBSP Integrated Business Statistics Program.
Several new variables were added to the questionnaire (Please contact us if you require a detailed list of these variables).

Imputation - Previously, a more manual imputation process was in place. Additionally, total non-response was addressed through a re-weighting process whereas now it is handled in imputation.

Reference period of change - 2013

Target population - Starting with 2013, institutional farms, community pastures and farms on Indian reserves are excluded from the target population, but not Hutterite colonies.

Sampling - For the 2013 reference period:

- Take-None units (not sampled) were those whose acreage fell below the 5% Royce-Maranda thresholds for each province.
- Take-All units (a census of all units) were determined based on a provincial threshold for important commodities at the provincial or national level.
- Take-Some units (sampled) were divided into large and medium-sized groups within province and type, then regrouped as needed.

Reference period of change - 2012

The spring data collection has been cancelled but the fall data collection will continue. Therefore; Statistics Canada will release data from the Fruits and Vegetables Survey annually instead of twice a year.

The publication Fruit and Vegetable Production (Catalogue number 22-003-X) has been discontinued. The data previously contained in this publication continue to be available without charge in CANSIM.

As of 2012, data for high bush blueberries and low bush blueberries are available separately.

Reference period of change - Spring 2012

The Spring occasion of the Fruits and Vegetables Survey has been discontinued, beginning in 2012. The last available results for spring planting intentions were published on June 23, 2011.

Reference period of change - Spring 2011

Effective with the June 2011 release, estimates were released for Saskatoon Berries for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Canada levels.

Reference period of change - Spring 2010

Tables reporting area, commercial production and farm gate value for field cucumbers and tomatoes no longer include estimates for greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes. These data can be found in the Greenhouse, Sod and Nurseries Industry publication (Catalogue number 22-202-XWE).

Reference period of change - Fall 2009

For the fall 2009 survey occasion, Statistics Canada implemented a new section applicable to growers of storable commodities such as apples, cabbage, carrots, onions, rutabagas and turnips to confirm final values for harvested acres, production and sales of the previous crop year (2008).

Reference period of change - Spring 2008

As of the Spring 2008 reference period, this is a sample survey.

Further to the intercensal revisions process, Statistics Canada henceforth published estimates for nectarines, garlic, other melons, watermelon, parsley and rhubarb for the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Québec.

Reference period of change - Fall 2006

Target population - The target population of this survey became "all farms in the ten provinces of Canada that grow fruit and/or vegetables for sale."

Reference period of change - Fall 2004

Due to the lack of information and the general reduction of the tobacco industry, Statistics Canada last published estimates on tobacco area, production and total farm value for the 2004 reference year.

Reference period of change - Spring 2002

To improve data qualification, the symbols E and F have been introduced into the publication. An E means that the data are widely dispersed and that the estimate should be used with caution. An F replaces the estimate where the data are too unreliable for publication.

Reference period of change - Spring 2000

As of 1996, this survey collects the data formerly collected under surveys 3406 (Harvested Area, Production and Value of Processing Vegetables) and 3408 (Fall Vegetable Survey).

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