Survey of Deposit-accepting Intermediaries: Chartered Banks, Trust Companies, Caisses Populaires and Credit Unions

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1996

Reference period of change - 2007

This survey has been discontinued with the release of its 2007 results in December 2008. The cancellation of this survey is the result of a larger Strategic Review with regards to the Federal Government's 2008 budget. The discontinuance of this survey will not have a major impact on the core statistical program at Statistics Canada.

Reference period of change - 2001

Target population - Full-service foreign bank branches in Canada were added to the survey population beginning in 2001, as foreign banks started to establish them. Foreign bank branches that are defined as "lending only" under the federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions are not classified as deposit-accepting and are not within the survey population.

Reference period of change - 2000

As of 2000, this survey is administered as part of the Unified Enterprise Survey Program.

Beginning in 2000, the survey collected the number of regular employees (full-time equivalent) and the number of contract employees (full-time equivalent) rather than the average number of employees (full-time equivalent).

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