Quarterly Motor Carriers of Freight Survey

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1988 - The survey was modified in 1994 (see record number 2742)

Reference period of change - first quarter 2009

The Quarterly Trucking Survey replaces the Quarterly Motor Carriers of Freight Survey, which was discontinued following the release of data for the fourth quarter of 2008. The data from the two surveys are not strictly comparable due to the expanded coverage of the Quarterly Trucking Survey, which covers all businesses with annual revenue from trucking establishments of $30,000 or more. The Quarterly Motor Carriers of Freight survey covered only for-hire carriers with annual revenue of $1 million or more.

Reference period of change - fourth quarter 2008

The Quarterly Motor Carriers of Freight Survey is being discontinued as of the fourth quarter 2008. As of the first quarter 2009, this survey is being replaced by the Quarterly Trucking Survey.

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