National Household Survey (NHS)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 2010

Reference period of change - October 2014 (Test)

The objective of the October 2014 National Household Survey Test is to test Field Procedures and to examine a number of changes proposed for administrative and field collection activities. This test is used to validate the behaviour of field staff when using the new procedures, systems and tools. The results will be used to recommend required changes to procedures, training and systems where necessary.

Reference period of change - May 2014 (Test)

The test is conducted to validate the survey's questions, processes, procedures and systems that will be used in the 2016 National Household Survey. No data will be released from this test.

Reference period of change - 2011

Statistical activity - The 2011 Census Program consisted of two parts: a short questionnaire (census) with a basic set of questions distributed to 100% of households, and a long questionnaire (National Household Survey - record number 5178) distributed to a 33% sample of households.

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