Monthly New Motor Vehicle Sales Survey (NMVS)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1932

Reference period of change - January 2021

The New Motor Vehicle Dealership Commodity Survey (NMVDCS) has now been archived, however, its content has been merged with the New Motor Vehicle Sales Survey (NMVS). An additional dimension regarding fuel type (zero-emission and all other) has been added. The former question regarding light trucks sales has now been split into two questions: sales of minivans, passenger vans and SUVs (including crossovers) and sales of light trucks.

Reference period of change - January 2017

Instrument design - The questionnaire has switched to an Electronic Questionnaire format. The questionnaire is now using IBSP standard modules for BCP/BR questions. The former question regarding truck sales has now been split into two questions (light trucks/heavy trucks).

Reference period of change - March 2012

With the release of data for the March 2012 reference month, only unadjusted data on new motor vehicle sales will be available. The unadjusted data will continue to be available on CANSIM table 79-0003. Seasonally adjusted data will no longer be available.

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