Monthly Retail Trade Survey (Department Store Organizations)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1938

Reference period of change - December 2005

Disclosure control - As of December 2005, Statistics Canada is no longer publishing separate data for Department Stores and Other General Merchandise Stores due to confidentiality constraints. Instead, "Department Stores" sales are combined with "Other General Merchandise Stores" sales under the grouping "General Merchandise Stores" and are released in CANSIM table 80-0014 on a monthly basis and in table 80-0015 on a quarterly basis, with the Monthly Retail Trade Survey estimates (record number 2406).

Reference period of change - January 2003

The survey title was changed to Monthly Retail Trade Survey (Department Store Organizations).

Reference period of change - December 2002

The release for this reference period of this survey is the last to appear in the department store series. From this point forward, this series will be disseminated with the release of the Monthly Retail Trade Survey.

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