Annual Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey (ICE)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1994

Reference period of change - 2014

As of reference year 2014 an Electronic Questionnaire (EQ) was used for the first time for the ICE survey.

As of 2014 the sampling methodology was modified to align with the Integrated Business Statistics Program (IBSP).

Reference period of change - 2012

As of reference year 2012 the industry classification is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2012.

Reference period of change - 2007

As of 2007, the Annual Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey (Short Form) questionnaire is no longer used.

Reference period of change - 2006

Target population - As of reference year 2006, the industry classification is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007.

The sampling strategy was streamlined for the 2006 reference year while maintaining the same sample size, this allowed production of provincial estimates for use as input into the annual Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada. Of the 88 industries of interest, provincial estimates are produced for 35 of them.

Imputation - Starting in 2006, an automated donor imputation program is used in addition to the other imputation methods mentioned above, using Statistics Canada's generalized system BANFF.

Estimation - Starting in 2006, coal, coal coke, petroleum coke, coke on catalytic cracking catalyst, refinery fuel gas, butane and steam purchased are weighted, while they were not previously. This change allows the production of estimates that represent the population.

Reference period of change - 2003

Target population - The Quarterly Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey (Survey #2166) was discontinued after the fourth quarter of 2002 reference period. Therefore; the major energy consumers that were its target population are no longer excluded from this survey.

Instrument design - As of reference year 2003, the questionnaire "Annual Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey (General Version)" does not exist.

Reference period of change - 2002

Sampling - The sample design was revised in 2002 to simplify the estimation process and the timeliness of the survey. Whereas the 2001 ICE sample was selected from the ASM sample, the 2002 ICE sample has been selected from the whole ASM population.

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