Monthly Refined Petroleum Products (MRPP)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1956

Reference period of change - January 2019

Target population - This survey has been redesigned for collection in reference month January 2019. Data are now being collected at the establishment level. The questionnaire has been integrated into the Statistics Canada Integrated Business Survey Processing environment (IBSP) and data will are being collected electronically. Coverage has been expanded to include major petroleum product terminals and oil sands processing plants (upgraders). Data on the blending of renewable fuels into gasoline and diesel are being collected. Data on the international trade of petroleum and renewable fuels are collected from data provided by the International accounts trade division (IATD) of Statistics Canada.

Instrument design - The questionnaire is now collected electronically.
Coverage has been expanded to collect data on renewable fuel blending. Trade data are now been collected from administrative files provided by International accounts trade division.

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