Longitudinal and International Study of Adults (LISA)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 2007

Reference period of change - 2020 (Wave 5)

New topics include homelessness and work schedules. Information on food security, height and weight, intentions to have children and job educational requirements was not included in this wave.

Reference period of change - 2018 (Wave 4)

New topics include food security, childcare arrangements and both job-related and non-job-related training. Work-integrated learning, economic hardship, and assets and debts were not included in this wave.

Reference period of change - 2016 (Wave 3)

New topics include assets and debt, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) usage for postsecondary education, historical postsecondary education, and economic hardship. Marital history and personality self-assessment were not included in this wave.

Reference period of change - 2014 (Wave 2)

New topics include marital history, personality self-assessment, life events, satisfaction, pensions, inter-household transfers, and children.

Reference period of change - 2012 (Wave 1)

The survey name became "Longitudinal and International Study of Adults".

In Wave 1, the reference period for income data is 2011. For other data, the reference period varies according to the question (such as "last week", "in the last 4 weeks", "during the last 12 months", etc.). Some retrospective data from earlier reference periods are also available.

Reference period of change - 2008 (Living in Canada Survey - Pilot)

The name of this pilot, for the purposes of field work, was the Living in Canada Survey: Pilot.

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