Canadian Community Health Survey - Mental Health and Well-being - Canadian Forces (CCHS-CF)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 2002

Reference period of change - 2018

Target population - This follow up survey excludes the reservists who have paraded at least once in the six months preceding the 2002 survey reference period. The population being studied will include members that have been released since the 2002 study.

Instrument design - Some of the existing modules have been modified to include an additional reference period by repeating lifetime reference period questions with the addition of "since 2002". These modifications were added in order to analyze mental health changes in respondents since the original survey in 2002. In addition, some modules have been dropped, some modules from other surveys have been added and new content has been developed and added.

Sampling - The 2002 survey was a sample survey from a DND database with a cross-sectional design.

Reference period of change - 2013

The Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey is conducted.

Reference period of change - 2002

In Cycle 1.2 of the CCHS, an additional component was administered to a representative sample of the Canadian Forces (CF) population. One of the exclusions of the core CCHS target population is full-time members of the regular Canadian Forces. As the Department of National Defence (DND) wanted to be able to provide reliable, comparable information for the Canadian Forces, DND contracted Statistics Canada to undertake a special survey component with a representative sample of the Canadian Forces, both regular and reservist members.

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