Provincial Wage and Salary Survey

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1996

Reference period of change - 2013-2014 (New Brunswick Wage Rate Survey (NBWRS))

The purpose of the survey was to produce estimates of hourly wage rates for full-time workers in New Brunswick for a set of occupations. These occupations were identified by the survey sponsor and classified according to the 2011 National Occupational Classification (NOC). The wage rates were tabulated at the provincial and sub-provincial levels, as well as by industry and union status.

The results of the survey will help governments and businesses by providing accurate and up-to-date information on the wages paid by employers for workers in different occupations and industries in New Brunswick.

Reference period of change - 2009 (British Columbia Wage and Salary Survey)

This survey collects data on wages and salaries paid for specific occupations in the province of British Columbia on behalf of BC Stats, the central statistical agency of British Columbia.

The British Columbia Wage and Salary Survey collects data on wages paid for occupations in eight economic regions of British Columbia on behalf of BC Stats. Estimates are produced for three wage rates - starting, maximum and most frequently paid wages - by occupation and by economic region. The purpose of the survey is to provide British Columbians with up-to-date wage and salary information to enable employers to recruit and retain employees, and to enable job seekers to make informed education and career decisions.

Reference period of change - 2003 (New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Wage Rate Survey)

This survey was conducted on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), New Brunswick and HRDC, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development, and Prince Edward Island Employment Development Agency. The main objective of this survey was to produce up-to-date statistical information on wages for selected occupations classified according to the 2001 National Occupational Classification in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

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