Computer and peripherals price indexes (CPPI)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 2016

Reference period of change - May 2012

As of the May 2012 reference month, the CPPI are published on the base of 2011=100. The new series appear in new CANSIM tables with new vectors. The old indexes, based on 2007=100, are terminated with the data for the April 2012 reference month.

Reference period of change - January 2011

With the release of the Computer and Peripherals Price Indexes on February 25, 2011, the index series was converted to 2007=100 as its time reference year. The indexes were also updated using a 2009 weighting pattern.

Reference period of change - January 2008

As of January 2008, this survey now uses the rebased CPPI series with 2002=100.

Reference period of change - September 2003

Target population - The universe for the CPPI consists of all vendors or distributors of computers, computer peripherals and smartphones in Canada.

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