Quarterly Survey of Telecommunications (QST)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1971

Reference period of change - first quarter 2012

Starting in 2012, the Quarterly Survey of Telecommunications is conducted in partnership with the CRTC, as is the case for the Annual Survey of Telecommunications (survey number 2722). This partnership aims at reducing response burden and at improving data quality, with better coherence of data collected by government (Statistics Canada and CRTC) on the Telecommunications subsector.

Reference period of change - first quarter 2007

Collection instrument - This quarterly survey has been redesigned. As of the 1st quarter 2007, there is now only one questionnaire being used.

Reference period of change - first quarter 2006

The quarterly survey of telecommunications is undergoing a redesign. During the transition period between the old and new surveys, the main results of the survey will continue to appear in the Daily. However, the publication Quarterly telecommunication statistics (catalogue 56-002 XIE) will no longer be produced. The last issue (56-002 XIE, Vol. 29, no 4) accompanied the release of statistics for the fourth quarter of 2005.

Reference period of change - first quarter 2004

Target population - In terms of industrial classification, this survey's target population is now covered by category 517 Telecommunications of the 2002 North American Industry Classification System, except for establishments of industry group 5175 -- Cable and Other Program distribution.

Reference period of change - fourth quarter 1999

The new quarterly survey on the telecommunications industry in Canada (NAICS 5133) was effective January 1st, 1999; the first quarter 1999 data were released on October 14, 1999. The new survey improves on the monthly Telephone Statistics Survey it replaces, started in 1971, by reducing reporting burden on respondents, expanding survey coverage to include the major alternative wireline carriers and the wireless industry, provides estimates for those units that make up the industry but are not in the survey (undercoverage), and utilizes concepts consistent with the redesigned Annual Survey of Telecommunications (record number 2722) introduced in 1997.

For a description of the former monthly Telephone Statistics Survey, please refer to the document entitled "Telephone Statistics Survey - December 1998" available in the "Documentation" section located at the end of the detailed information for the fourth quarter 1999 reference period of this survey.

Target population - This survey targets the largest establishments of the telecommunications sector, as defined by category 5133 - Telecommunications of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS 1997). This sector does not include Internet Service Providers.

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