Business Register (BR)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 1980

Reference period of change - June 2015

Starting with the June 2015 reference period the product's name changed from Canadian Business Patterns to Canadian Business Counts.

Reference period of change - December 2014

A number of changes that occurred for the December 2014 reference period resulted in a significant increase in the total number of businesses in Canada. The changes are made in an effort to be more coherent with our definition.

The changes are the following:

- There are two sets of CANSIM tables replacing the previous set of tables:

. Locations with employees (CANSIM 552-000x)
. Locations without employees (CANSIM 553-000x)

- There are two general industrial classification categories:

. Unclassified: new category for businesses which have not received a NAICS code
. Classified: existing category for businesses which have received a NAICS code

The impact of adding the unclassified category is an additional 78,718 locations with employees and 313,107 locations without employees. These counts can be easily identifiable because they are in a separate category.

- Businesses without employees correspond to the "indeterminate" employment category from the previous reference periods. The counts of businesses without employees now cover all enterprises which meet one of the following criteria:

. is incorporated
. shows a minimum of $30,000 in revenue (non-taxable and/or taxable)

This change affects businesses that did not have $30,000 in taxable revenue in previous years but did have at least $30,000 in overall (non-taxable and taxable) revenue. These businesses will now be included and represent approximately 600,000 units.

Reference period of change - June 2012

Starting with the June 2012 reference period, Canadian Business Patterns CD products are no longer available. Data by provinces and territories is available through CANSIM tables 551-000x, 552-000x and 553-000x. As well, all other previous data are still available through custom requests by contacting the Statistical Registers and Geography Division/Business Register Division's Dissemination Unit.

Reference period of change - December 2008

The December 2008 reference period introduced the use of 'statistical location' counts, in addition to the usual establishment counts. The use of location counts provides a better measurement of actual business units. Definitions of the statistical establishment and location are provided in this document (Definitions and Concepts used in Business Register) under the "Statistical Establishment" and "Statistical Location" sections.

Reference period of change - June 2007

The last release of the Population of businesses with employees data was on March 8, 2007. The Canadian Business Patterns/Canadian Business Counts is now released on a semi-annual basis starting with the June 2007 reference period.

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