Survey of Financial Security (SFS)

Summary of changes

Activity on this program started: 2016

Reference period of change - 2016

Sampling - Prior to 2016, the SFS had a stratified multi-stage dual frame design.
In 2012, the sample was selected as two independent samples from two overlapping frames: the Labour Force Survey (LFS) area frame and a frame constructed from the urban portion, that is Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and Census Agglomerations (CAs) of the T1 family file (T1FF).

Estimation - For SFS 2012, the use of an overlapping dual-frame design meant that a weight adjustment was necessary when combining the weights from the two frames after non-response adjustment. Because the two samples for SFS 2016 are drawn from non-overlapping frames, no weight adjustment is necessary to combine their weights after non-response adjustment.

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