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Wages, salaries and supplementary labour income of economy, value

Wages, salaries and supplementary labour income includes wages and salaries which refers to monetary compensation and payments-in-kind (for example, board and lodging), to wage earners and salaried persons employed in Canadian economic territory, including domestic servants and baby-sitters. It includes other forms of compensation, namely commissions, tips, bonuses, directors' fees and allowances such as those for holidays and sick leave, as well as military pay and allowances. It is recorded on a gross basis, before any deduction for income taxes, pensions, unemployment insurance and other social insurance schemes. It also includes supplementary labour income which is made up of mandatory and non-mandatory employer contributions on behalf of employees to social insurance plans.

Economy refers to the entire set of resident institutional units. It is divided into sectors that consists of groups of resident institutional units. An institutional unit is resident in a country when it has a centre of economic interest in the economic territory of that country. It is said to have a centre of economic interest when there exists some location - dwelling, place of production or other premises - within the economic territory on, or from, which it engages, and intends to continue to engage, in economic activities and transactions on a significant scale either indefinitely or over a finite period of time.

The data for this variable are reported using the following measurements:

  • Canadian dollar at current prices
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