National Household Survey (NHS)

Language used most often at work of person 15 years or over, category

Language used most often at work refers to the language the person uses most often at work. A person can report more than one language as 'used most often at work' if the languages are used equally often.

Language used most often at work applies to non-institutional residents who worked at some point in the reference period. Language used most often at work may also be collected for other jobs, depending on the objective of the survey. However, for it to be collected, a person must be associated with a job, current or past. In using the Classification of language(s) of person in this context, the class, "none", is not used. In the 2011 National Household Survey, 'Language used most often at work' and 'Other language(s) used regularly at work' are also referred to as 'Language of work'.

Person 15 years or over refers to an individual whose age is 15 years or over.

The data for this variable are reported using the following classifications and/or lists:

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