National Balance Sheet Accounts

Credit of institutional unit, category

Credit refers to an accounting term representing a receipt (for example, the sale of goods or services), a decrease in assets or an increase in liabilities. Under the principle of double entry accounting, for every debit there must be a corresponding credit. In national accounting the terms "uses" and "resources" are used instead of debits and credits.

Institutional unit refers to an economic entity that is capable, in its own right, of owning assets, incurring liabilities, and engaging in economic activities and in transactions with other entities. There is a hierarchical relationship between institutional units and establishments. An institutional unit contains one or more entire establishment(s); an establishment belongs to one and only one institutional unit. There are two main types of units in the real world that may qualify as institutional units, namely persons or groups of persons in the form of households, and legal or social entities.

The data for this variable are reported using the following classifications and/or lists:

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