Annual Income Estimates for Census Families and Individuals (T1 Family File)

Interest and dividends revenue of census family, category

Interest and dividend revenue refers to the amounts received from debtors under the terms of the financial instrument agreed between them or a form of property income to which shareholders become entitled, once declared, as a result of placing funds at the disposal of corporations.

Census family is defined as a married couple and the children, if any, of either and/or both spouses; a couple living common law and the children, if any, of either and/or both partners; or a parent of any marital status in a one-parent family with at least one child living in the same dwelling and that child or those children. All members of a particular census family live in the same dwelling. Children may be biological or adopted children regardless of their age or marital status as long as they live in the dwelling and do not have their own married spouse, common-law partner or child living in the dwelling. Grandchildren living with their grandparent(s) but with no parents present also constitute a census family.

The data for this variable are reported using the following classifications and/or lists:

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