Production and Disposition of Tobacco Products

Classification of sales of product of establishment, number

Sales of product refers to the sales of goods and services. Sales of goods represent the total proceeds of the disposition of stock-in-trade during the period. Sales of services represent the actual or expected cash inflow for services rendered during the period.

Establishment refers to the level in the statistical hierarchy below the company in the Business Register statistical hierarchy, and at which the accounting data required to measure production are available (principal inputs, revenues, salaries and wages). The establishment is defined as the most homogeneous unit of production for which the business maintains accounting records. From these records, it is possible to assemble all the data elements required to compile the gross value of production (total sales or shipments, and inventories), the cost of materials and services, and labour and capital used in production.

The data for this variable are reported using the following measurements:

  • Whole number
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