Annual Greenhouse, Sod and Nursery Survey (GSNA)

Greenhouse area harvested of farm, area

Greenhouse area harvested refers to the total greenhouse production area that was harvested in a specified year, including areas under glass, under poly-film, under rigid plastic or fiberglass and other enclosed areas. It excludes non-heated covering tunnels used for vegetable and fruit production.

Farm refers to an agricultural operation that produces at least one of the following products intended for sale: crops (hay, field crops, tree fruits or nuts, berries or grapes, vegetables, seed); livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, game animals, other livestock); poultry (hens, chickens, turkeys, chicks, game birds, other poultry); animal products (milk or cream, eggs, wool, furs, meat); or other agricultural products (Christmas trees, greenhouse or nursery products, mushrooms, sod, honey, maple products).

The data for this variable are reported using the following measurements:

  • Square feet
  • Square metres
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