Fruits and Vegetables Survey (FV)

Cultivated land of farm, area

Cultivated land refers to farmland that is worked by plowing, sowing and raising crops. It includes land that has been worked but is currently non-bearing, that is, not currently producing a harvest.

Farm refers to an agricultural operation that produces at least one of the following products intended for sale: crops (hay, field crops, tree fruits or nuts, berries or grapes, vegetables, seed); livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, game animals, other livestock); poultry (hens, chickens, turkeys, chicks, game birds, other poultry); animal products (milk or cream, eggs, wool, furs, meat); or other agricultural products (Christmas trees, greenhouse or nursery products, mushrooms, sod, honey, maple products).

The data for this variable are reported using the following measurements:

  • Acres
  • Hectares
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