North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


The fourth revision of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) required the time, energy and co-operation of numerous people and organizations in three countries: Canada, Mexico and the United States. The work that has been accomplished is a testament to the individual and collective willingness of many persons and organizations in the public and private sectors to contribute to its development.

In Canada, NAICS was revised under the guidance of Alice Born, Director of Standards Division. NAICS Canada could not have been revised without input from the subject matter divisions of Statistics Canada, federal and provincial government departments and agencies, business and trade associations, and economic analysts, the contribution of all of whom is gratefully acknowledged.

NAICS Canada 2017 version 2.0 is published by Standards Division. The publication was prepared by Michael Pedersen under the supervision of Alice Born, Johanne Pineau-Crysdale and Kim Boyuk and with contributions from JoAnn Casey, Karen Milligan-Vata, Roland Cornellier, Line Coyne, Siddiqa Amin, Jules Léger, Catherine Burpee, Linda Ambaro Ahmed, James Abraham and Bond Gardiner. The Internet version of this publication was created jointly by Serge Aumont and Niloufar Zanganeh.

System Engineering Division and Administrative and Dissemination System Division were responsible for the systems development of the HTML format of the classification. Annie Doth and Julien De Gouffe deserve special acknowledgments for their support.

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