Financial indicator of enterprise (financial statistics)


Financial indicator refers to indicators used to analyse the performance of various financial data and their trends. Some of them consist in ratios that compare the proportional relationship between two different accounts amount in a single year's financial statements.

Enterprise (financial statistics) refers to the organizational unit of a business that directs and controls the allocation of resources relating to its domestic operations, and for which consolidated financial and balance sheet accounts are maintained from which international transactions, an international investment position and a consolidated financial position for the unit can be derived. It corresponds to the institutional unit as defined for the System of National Accounts. For the purpose of financial statistics, enterprises classified under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to Management of Companies and Enterprises (NAICS 55) are excluded to avoid double counting of assets. These enterprises are typically holding companies whose most significant assets are investments in affiliated enterprises. As well, enterprises classified under NAICS 526 (Funds and other financial vehicles) are excluded.


  • Canadian dollar at current prices May 12, 2003 to current
  • Percentage change over previous period March 16, 1998 to current
  • Ratio March 16, 1998 to current
  • Ratio expressed in percent form March 16, 1998 to current


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