Place of birth of mother of person

Status: This standard was approved as a departmental standard on January 11, 2016.


Place of birth of mother refers to the name of the geographic location where the mother of the person was born. The geographic location is specified according to geographic boundaries current at the time of data collection, not the geographic boundaries at the time of birth.

Person refers to an individual and is the unit of analysis for most social statistics programmes.

Conformity to relevant internationally recognized standards

This standard is compatible with the recommendations for censuses contained in the United Nations' "Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 2", 2008. The UN recommends collecting the information on country of birth of parents following the same guidelines given for country of birth of person. For the foreign-born parents, information on the specific country of birth should be collected according to national boundaries existing at the time of the census. This standard follows this recommendation.


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