North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012

311221 - Wet corn millingUS

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wet-milling corn and other vegetables. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing starch are included.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • cooking oil, made by wet-milling corn
    • corn gluten feed and meal, manufacturing
    • corn sweeteners (e.g., dextrose, fructose, glucose), made by wet-milling corn
    • corn syrup, made by wet-milling corn
    • maltodextrins and gluten, manufacturing
    • margarine and other corn oils, made by wet-milling corn
    • starches (i.e., root, rice, potato, grain, corn or vegetable) (except laundry), manufacturing

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  • Exclusion(s)

    • reducing maple sap to maple syrup (See 111999 All other miscellaneous crop farming)
    • grinding (dry-milling) corn (See 311211 Flour milling)
    • manufacturing table syrups from corn syrup; and starch-based dessert powders (See 311990 All other food manufacturing)
    • manufacturing ethyl alcohol by the wet-mill process (See 325190 Other basic organic chemical manufacturing)
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