Drainage Regions - Variant of SDAC 2003

Status: This standard was approved as a departmental standard on February 16, 2009.

The classification variant of SDAC is a set of customized groupings that use SDAC sub-sub-drainage areas as building blocks. In Statistics Canada, variants are created and adopted in cases where the version of the classification does not fully meet specific user needs for disseminating data or for sampling in surveys. A classification variant is based on a classification version such as SDAC 2003. In a variant, the categories of the classification version are split, aggregated or regrouped to provide additions or alternatives (e.g. context-specific additions) to the standard structure of the base version.

Classification structure

Drainage Regions - Variant of SDAC 2003 - Classification structure
Code Ocean drainage areas Part
1Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Canada part
2Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean Canada part
3Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico Canada part
4Hudson Bay Hudson Bay Canada part
5Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Canada part
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