North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012

311211 - Flour millingUS

All examples - 311211 - Flour millingUS

  • batters, prepared, made in flour mills
  • blended flour, made in flour mills
  • bran, shorts and other products of milling grain (except rice)
  • brewers' and distillers' flakes and grits, corn, manufacturing
  • corn meal, for human consumption, made in flour mills
  • doughs, prepared, made in flour mills
  • farina (except breakfast food), made in flour mills
  • flour (e.g., vegetable, buckwheat, corn, durum, graham, barley), manufacturing
  • flour milling
  • flour mills, cereal grain, germ or flour (except rice, breakfast cereal and feed mills)
  • flour mixes (e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut), made in flour mills
  • fruit flour, meal and powders, manufacturing
  • grain mills (except rice, breakfast cereal and animal feed)
  • grits and flakes, corn, for brewers' use, manufacturing
  • hominy grits (except breakfast food), manufacturing
  • potato flour, manufacturing
  • prepared flour mixes, made in flour mills
  • pulse flour milling
  • rye, semolina or sorghum flour, manufacturing
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