North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012

311119 - Other animal food manufacturingUS

All examples - 311119 - Other animal food manufacturingUS

  • alfalfa meal, dehydrated, cubes or prepared for animals, manufacturing
  • animal feed, prepared (except dogs and cats), manufacturing
  • animal feeds, supplements and concentrates, manufacturing
  • barley feed, chopped, crushed or ground, manufacturing
  • bird food, prepared, manufacturing
  • blending feed for animals (except dogs and cats)
  • bone meal, prepared as feed for animals and fowls, manufacturing
  • citrus pulp, cattle feed, manufacturing
  • complete livestock feed, manufacturing
  • feed, specialty (e.g., for mice, guinea pig, mink, earthworm, rabbit), manufacturing
  • fish food (for feeding fish), manufacturing
  • fur farm stock feed, manufacturing
  • kelp meal and pellets, for use as animal feed, manufacturing
  • laboratory animal feeds, manufacturing
  • micro and macro feed premixes for animals (except dogs and cats), manufacturing
  • milling grain to make livestock feed
  • pet food (except dogs and cats), manufacturing
  • prepared feeds for farm animal, including turkey and chicken (except pets), manufacturing
  • shell crushing and grinding for animal feed
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