North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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331511 - Iron foundriesUS

All examples - 331511 - Iron foundriesUS

  • cast iron brake shoes, railroad, manufacturing
  • cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, manufacturing
  • cast iron railroad car wheels, manufacturing
  • castings, unfinished, compacted graphite iron, manufacturing
  • castings, unfinished, iron (e.g., ductile, grey, malleable, semisteel), manufacturing
  • engine block castings, iron, unfinished, manufacturing
  • fittings, soil and pressure pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
  • foundries, iron (i.e., ductile, grey, malleable, semisteel)
  • grinding balls, cast iron, manufacturing
  • hydrants, unfinished iron castings, manufacturing
  • industrial moulds for casting steel ingots, manufacturing
  • iron castings, unfinished, manufacturing
  • iron foundries
  • manhole covers, cast iron, manufacturing
  • municipal castings (manhole covers, sewer gratings), iron, manufacturing
  • pearlitic castings, malleable iron, unfinished, manufacturing
  • pipe and fittings, cast iron (e.g., soil, pressure), manufacturing
  • pipe couplings, cast iron, manufacturing
  • rolling mill rolls, iron, manufacturing
  • sewer pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
  • soil pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
  • water pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
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