Reference Guide 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Unified Enterprise Survey - Annual

Retail Trade
Management of Companies and Enterprises
Wholesale Trade
Other Services (except Public Administration)

Retail Trade

The retail trade sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. The retailing process is the final step in thedistribution of merchandise; retailers are therefore organized to sell merchandise in small quantities to the general public.

Retail Trade
NAICS Description
441110 New Car Dealers
441120 Used Car Dealers
441210 Recreational Vehicle Dealers
441220 Motorcycle, Boat and Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
441310 Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores
441320 Tire Dealers
442110 Furniture Stores
442210 Floor Covering Stores
442291 Window Treatment Stores
442292 Print and Picture Frame Stores
442298 All Other Home Furnishings Stores
443110 Appliance, Television and Other Electronics Stores
443120 Computer and Software Stores
443130 Camera and Photographic Supplies Stores
444110 Home Centres
444120 Paint and Wallpaper Stores
444130 Hardware Stores
444190 Other Building Material Dealers
444210 Outdoor Power Equipment Stores
444220 Nursery Stores and Garden Centres
445110 Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores
445120 Convenience Stores
445210 Meat Markets
445220 Fish and Seafood Markets
445230 Fruit and Vegetable Markets
445291 Baked Goods Stores
445292 Confectionery and Nut Stores
445299 All Other Specialty Food Stores
445310 Beer, Wine and Liquor Stores
446110 Pharmacies and Drug Stores
446120 Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies and Perfume Stores
446130 Optical Goods Stores
446191 Food (Health) Supplement Stores
446199 All Other Health and Personal Care Stores
447110 Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores
447190 Other Gasoline Stations
448110 Men’s Clothing Stores
448120 Women’s Clothing Stores
448130 Children’s and Infants’ Clothing Stores
448140 Family Clothing Stores
448150 Clothing Accessories Stores
448191 Fur Stores
448199 All Other Clothing Stores
448210 Shoe Stores
448310 Jewellery Stores
448320 Luggage and Leather Goods Stores
451110 Sporting Goods Stores
451120 Hobby, Toy and Game Stores
451130 Sewing, Needlework and Piece Goods Stores
451140 Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores
451210 Book Stores and News Dealers
451220 Pre-Recorded Tape, Compact Disc and Record Stores
452110 Department Stores
452910 Warehouse Clubs and Superstores
452991 Home and Auto Supplies Stores
452999 All Other Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores
453110 Florists
453210 Office Supplies and Stationery Stores
453220 Gift, Novelty and Souvenir Stores
453310 Used Merchandise Stores
453910 Pet and Pet Supplies Stores
453920 Art Dealers
453930 Mobile Home Dealers
453992 Beer and Wine-Making Supplies Stores
453999 All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (except Beer and Wine-Making Supplies Stores)
454111 Internet Shopping
454112 Electronic Auctions
454113 Mail-Order Houses
454210 Vending Machine Operators
454311 Heating Oil Dealers
454312 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Bottled Gas) Dealers
454319 Other Fuel Dealers
454390 Other Direct Selling Establishments


Management of Companies and Enterprises
NAICS Description
551114 Head Offices

Wholesale Trade

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling merchandise and providing related logistics, marketing and support services. The wholesaling process is generally an intermediate step in the distribution of merchandise; many wholesalers are therefore organized to sell merchandise in large quantities to retailers, and business and institutional clients. However, some wholesalers, in particular those that supply non-consumer capital goods, sell merchandise in single units to final users.

This sector recognizes two main types of wholesalers: wholesale merchants and wholesale agents and brokers.

Wholesale Trade
NAICS Description
411110 Live Animal Wholesaler-Distributors
411120 Oilseed and Grain Wholesaler-Distributors
411130 Nursery Stock and Plant Wholesaler-Distributors
411190 Other Farm Product Wholesaler-Distributors
412110 Petroleum Product Wholesaler-Distributors
413110 General-Line Food Wholesaler-Distributors
413120 Dairy and Milk Products Wholesaler-Distributors
413130 Poultry and Egg Wholesaler-Distributors
413140 Fish and Seafood Products Wholesaler-Distributors
413150 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaler-Distributors
413160 Red Meat and Meat Products Wholesaler-Distributors
413190 Other Specialty-Line Food Wholesaler-Distributors
413210 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler-Distributors
413220 Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler-Distributors
413310 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Wholesaler-Distributors
414110 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Wholesaler-Distributors
414120 Footwear Wholesaler-Distributors
414130 Piece Goods, Notions and Other Dry Goods Wholesaler-Distributors
414210 Home Entertainment Equipment Wholesaler-Distributors
414220 Household Appliance Wholesaler-Distributors
414310 China, Glassware, Crockery and Pottery Wholesaler-Distributors
414320 Floor Covering Wholesaler-Distributors
414330 Linen, Drapery and Other Textile Furnishings Wholesaler-Distributors
414390 Other Home Furnishings Wholesaler-Distributors
414410 Jewellery and Watch Wholesaler-Distributors
414420 Book, Periodical and Newspaper Wholesaler-Distributors
414430 Photographic Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
414440 Sound Recording Wholesalers
414450 Video Cassette Wholesalers
414460 Toy and Hobby Goods Wholesaler-Distributors
414470 Amusement and Sporting Goods Wholesaler-Distributors
414510 Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
414520 Toiletries, Cosmetics and Sundries Wholesaler-Distributors
415110 New and Used Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Wholesaler-Distributors
415120 Truck, Truck Tractor and Bus Wholesaler-Distributors
415190 Recreational and Other Motor Vehicles Wholesaler-Distributors
415210 Tire Wholesaler-Distributors
415290 Other New Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Wholesaler-Distributors
415310 Used Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Wholesaler-Distributors
416110 Electrical Wiring and Construction Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
416120 Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
416210 Metal Service Centres
416310 General-Line Building Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
416320 Lumber, Plywood and Millwork Wholesaler-Distributors
416330 Hardware Wholesaler-Distributors
416340 Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Wholesaler-Distributors
416390 Other Specialty-Line Building Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417110 Farm, Lawn and Garden Machinery and Equipment Wholesaler-Distributors
417210 Construction and Forestry Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417220 Mining and Oil and Gas Well Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417230 Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417310 Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
417320 Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417910 Office and Store Machinery and EquipmentWholesaler-Distributors
417920 Service Establishment Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417930 Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
417990 All Other Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
418110 Recyclable Metal Wholesaler-Distributors
418120 Recyclable Paper and Paperboard Wholesaler-Distributors
418190 Other Recyclable Material Wholesaler-Distributors
418210 Stationery and Office SuppliesWholesaler-Distributors
418220 Other Paper and Disposable Plastic Product Wholesaler-Distributors
418310 Agricultural Feed Wholesaler-Distributors
418320 Seed Wholesaler-Distributors
418390 Agricultural Chemical and Other Farm Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
418410 Chemical (except Agricultural) and Allied Product Wholesaler-Distributors
418910 Log and Wood Chip Wholesaler-Distributors
418920 Mineral, Ore and Precious Metal Wholesaler-Distributors
418930 Second-Hand Goods (except Machinery and Automotive) Wholesaler-Distributors
418990 All Other Wholesaler-Distributors
419110 Business-to-Business Electronic Markets
419120 Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers


This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. Manufacturing establishments may own the materials which they transform or they may transform materials owned by other establishments. Manufacturing may take place in factories or in workers’ homes, using either machinery or hand tools.

Manufacturing establishments are known by a variety of trade designations, such as plants, factories or mills.

NAICS Description
311811 Retail Bakeries
This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bakery products, for retail sale, but not for immediate consumption.
315222 Men’s and Boys’ Cut and Sew Suit, Coat and Overcoat Manufacturing (including establishments known as tailors, primarily engaged in producing clothing for retail sale).
315233 Women’s and Girls’ Cut and Sew Dress Manufacturing

Other Services (except Public Administration)

This sector comprises establishments not classified to any other sector.

Other Services (except Public Administration)
NAICS Description
811111 General Automotive Repair
811112 Automotive Exhaust System Repair
811119 Other Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repair and Maintenance
811121 Automotive Body, Paint and Interior Repair and Maintenance
811122 Automotive Glass Replacement Shops
811192 Car Washes
811199 All Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance
811210 Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
811412 Appliance Repair and Maintenance
811420 Reupholstery and Furniture Repair
811490 Other Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance
812922 One-Hour Photo Finishing

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